The Portable Atheist has ratings and reviews. Paul said: THE UNAPPEALING ATHEIST PROPOSITIONOne early medieval story says that humans. 6 Nov Christopher Hitchens’s personally curated New York Times bestselling anthology of the most influential and important writings on atheism. 5 Nov The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever. Christopher Hitchens, Selected by Da Capo Press $ (p) ISBN.

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View all 10 comments. And yes, I realize essentiap irony of an atheist complaining that the loudest, most extreme voices are the ones getting the most attention. Cosmological argument put under the scrutiny of great minds.

I suspect that in putting together a book of this sort, that it is rather easy to load it up with material from dead readkngs – since their work is in the public domain and thus no royalties need be paid. Religion is the most perverse ,dangerous and destructive force in the world,and even God,s favorite David of the bible implored: In The Portable Atheist, Hitchens offers readers the opportunity to expand their horizons readongs an anthology containing 47 essays and excerpts on unbelief.

Containing 47 selections from the portable atheist essential readings for the non-believer very famous and non-famous people on the value of atheism, this book is indeed a storehouse of many thought provoking pieces, including a brilliant 14 page fiery introduction by Christopher Hitchens.

I decided the book I sought out this book because the bits of writing I’d seen in the past by Christopher Hitchens were extremely insightful and articulate, and to honor his recent passing away I figured it was time to read one of his works. Although I esdential certainly not an atheist, I enjoyed the book.

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No matter what one’s beliefs are – pantheist, panentheist, theist, athies This is an outstanding compendium of human thought. This book clearly wasn’t written for the “non-believer” because it spends the entire span of the book arguing against religion and trying to convince readers of its evil.

The apocalypse is always around the corner. In The Portable Atheist, Hitchens has assembled a feadings diverse collection of first rate writing by non-believers. View all 22 comments.

Jun 11, Sandy b rated it it was amazing. Great lucid minds providing much needed wisdom.

I would not call myself an atheist, but a some of what is collected in this book rings true to me. The clearly stated position of an agnostic. A lot of this stuff is above my paygrade.

Library Resource Finder: Table of Contents for: The portable atheist : essential reading

For hundreds of years they were rounding up witches and demons — torturing and burning them. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Male and female genital mutilation; the terrifying of infants with hideous fictions about guilt and hell, the wild prohibition of masturbation: But portqble guys don’t get as much attention as they probably should. Economic, racial, and social injustices in the form of lack of access to education, or adequate the portable atheist essential readings for the non-believer support are often at the core of religious belief.

It’s no coincidence that countries with higher social safety nets and higher levels of education have larger proportions of unbelievers.

The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever

And after they the portable atheist essential readings for the non-believer done with the followers of Jesus, the eseential grisly gang of jihadis provide many non-Christian examples of religious bloodlust. Nonn-believer alone is worth the price of this book the rest is a bonus.


And second, irreducible complexity. I had more, but I lost it because I clicked outside of this damn box. One does get a history of atheism, and how, even to this day, it is difficult to acknowledge or admit that one is an atheist.

What strikes me as hilarious, none of the philosophical arguments consist in any empirical proof whatsoever. That means it was designed. MenckenSam Harris Can Kuhn fail to realize that next time it will the portable atheist essential readings for the non-believer his turn?

So in all, this isn’t really a Christopher Hitchens book – It’s a book of all the authors that are represented here, perhaps to pique one’s interest to go out and read all those authors works in their entirety, thus improving your understanding of many things, not just religion. I w This compendium will last a while, but dipping in here and there seems the best approach. The book is concerned mostly with Christianity and Islam — less on Judaism.

He reminds that Hamas — which publishes The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion on its website — won a reputation for its provision of social services.