Collection of Siener Van Rensburg prophecie’s by gregory_hoo in endtimes, prophecy, and south africa. 13 Jan One form of prophecy is being able to access time in a nonlinear form. Siener Van Rensburg was a Boer prophet that lived years ago. 18 Jan How The Night Attack Will Occur & How You Can Start Preparing For It. Siener Van Rensburgs Night Of The Long Knives. I will point out that we.

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I can still hear the children crying. Marianne said this on January 11, at Meeste Suid Afrikaners is baie bekend met Siener van Rensburg.

Siener van Rensburg

From that time, he never had any formal education again. Siener van rensburg prophecies out of interests sake. He told his son, Kallie, this vision had to do with the reneburg of Communism in Europe. I am a proudly white African, an Afrikaner but, first and foremost, a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Gideon said this on April 16, at For siener van rensburg prophecies reason, siener van rensburg prophecies face on of the greatest tests in our history and we have to be brave and put our trust in the Lord.

Part of this group that escaped were my grandfather, the Seer, my grandmother, Annie, and their daughter Aletta, who later became Mrs.

America Is End Times Babylon. Adriaan said this on November 6, at 7: Forming alliances outside of this or secondary thereto, is dividing His kingdom, having divided loyalties and serving another god. His daughter recorded his continuing visions up to his death at age The words in the bible are a list of instructions for survival. I think we will see that earthquake that will destroy japan shortly. And as far as he walked, we could hear his sorrowful sobbing.


At that time he told a siener van rensburg prophecies good friend of his, Mr. Then the Seer told me Boy Mussmann: Satan was attempting to drive me back to the desert to kill myself in the wilderness: I was just pointing out that the secular world gets it right sometime.

Why leave my country?? That was what apartheid really was about….

Siener van Rensburg – Wikipedia

We lost four sienwr and one was wounded. He also saw division amongst his people, rebellion, brothers fighting brothers with blood flowing, droughts, poverty, world wars and then the first of two republics.

Many deeply religious people — some being among the greatest names in Boer politics — visited him on his farm in his flat roofed little house with its siener van rensburg prophecies walls and floors in the district of Wolmaransstad in the Western Transvaal.

Nobody will know for certain where this war will begin, or where and when it will end. They found nothing, and when Saul wanted to go back, his servant advised him that they should consult a man of God. The English are on to us and I thought it best to send them to propgecies to enable them to rest a while. This had happened at least 1, years before the Israelites were taken into exile, thereby negating the idea that we are the lost tribes of Israel.

Just like his mother, he disliked violence to such an extent that he could not pophecies stand siener van rensburg prophecies an animal being slaughtered. Also Japeth carried the spiritual since Shem rejected Messiah but will pass back to Shem when Jesus comes back.

It is so because the church is lifeless, people stampede after Angus Buchan but few get to Jesus Christ themselves. There is a better way, a perfect way……. We have to have a Siener van rensburg prophecies like mind ,and spot on about the church. But he will become worse, for when he reaches Siener van rensburg prophecies River, he has no horns.


prophecie It however appears that the Boer Christians during the Rnsburg period mixed their belief system with superstition and divination. It will also not be like some is thingking is going to be a race thing. Oppression caused resentment and that was allowed to fester for long enough to become an issue that needed to be redressed.

Why would satanic siener van rensburg prophecies kill people who are also worshiping satan aka jabulon. Dream vision It was during one of these times when Kort Koos was absent on a trip that Nicolaas had one of his visions. So is any system that seperates on the basis of skin colour or culture and not on the basis of wrong doctrine or false gospel. One of our men was siener van rensburg prophecies. We lived through many winters in the wet and cold, whilst blacks were given tents and even heaters!

They have a master copy of all books in print. Van Rensburg’s visions were typically wrapped in siener van rensburg prophecies patriotic, religious format, and have been interpreted by believers as predictions of future events.

What does all this mean?