View and Download Roland SP owner’s manual online. Roland Owner’s Manual Sampler SP SP Recording Equipment pdf manual download. View and Download Roland SPSX owner’s manual online. Roland Linear Wave Sampler Owner’s Manual. SPSX Recording Equipment pdf manual. View and Download Roland SP service notes online. SP Recording Equipment pdf manual download.

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Information When you need repair service, call your nearest Roland Service Center roland sp 404 manual authorized Roland distributor in your country as shown below. All of the preload data on the card roland sp 404 manual disappear if you format the included SD card. Descriptions Page 5 Page 6 – About. Page 15 Mankal the volume of your CD player. Are the SP and your external equipment connected correctly? A group of twelve patterns assigned to the pads is called a pattern bank.

Rolabd not use excessive force. Next we cover the most important procedure yet saving and loading your data to a rolwnd flash card, the best way to do it, and how to use it when streaming form the card so you can use all 96 roland sp 404 manual allowed on the card of your choice, and if you need samples we got them. A sample bank is a set of twelve samples assigned to the pads. Exchanging Samples between Two Pads You can exchange samples roland sp 404 manual two pads.

Effect List Chapter 2.

Roland SP-404SX Owner’s Manual

True Number Change System Exclusive: If you play only a few pads simultaneously, or if you’ve connected the SP to a DJ mixer or the like and are using it as an effects processor, you can increase this internal processing level to obtain a higher level of output. How many samples can play simultaneously? The manual should be saved. The times given here are for monaural sampling.


In this video series we cover everything about the buttons on the front and how to use them, then we show you the best kanual to use the back to plug up some roland sp 404 manual, then we sample some sounds, we use the internal microphone and also use the line in to sample, we import some files with our compact flash card, then we use the sample edit and show you what to do and how to do it right.

The panel will show the settings for the current pad. Store up to 1 GB of samples on optional CompactFlash cards. To print the roland sp 404 manual completely, please, download it. Also operates on batteries. Remaining sampling time 1. During this time, the display will indicate a count of xp, roland sp 404 manual, -2, Rolabd SP provides ten pattern banks; A—J.

The sound recordings contained in this product are the original works of Roland Corporation. The knobs manua, also used in the following ways: If you want to record a sample p. spp


The SP will not recognize a memory card that was formatted on another device. Quick Start Listen to the Samples When the SP is shipped roland sp 404 manual the factory, pads 1—12 of sample bank A and pads 1 and 2 of sample bank B contain samples. This indicates information for your reference; read it as necessary. You can sample with the internal microphone, or plug in a microphone, or use the RCA line in roland sp 404 manual the back for your turntables or what ever you want.

Perform with smooth triggering from pattern to pattern. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Make sure that the SD card is not locked p. If you insert or remove a memory card while the power is on, you risk damaging the data of the memory card or rendering it unusable. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Adjusts the depth of modulation. Adjusting The Tempo roland sp 404 manual.


These sections provide important information concerning the proper operation. This is a convenient way to create a consistent volume balance between the samples of each pad.

You get 29 effects, cool BPM light that blinks in sync to the BPM, quick sample edit to catch any part of the sample and real time sequencing. Roland is not responsible for the use of the sound recordings contained in this product, and assumes roland sp 404 manual liability for any infringe- ment of any copyright of any third party arising out of use of rolan sounds, phrases and patterns in this product.

Roland SP-404 Owner’s Manual

Pads that have been recorded start blinking. You can also exchange manuaal between a pad to which a sample is assigned and a pad to which no sample is assigned.

If you turn off the power, not only the sample being recorded but also other samples may also be destroyed. Deleting a Sample If you are not satisfi ed with the sound you sampled, use the following procedure to delete it, and then sample the 44 again. Playing Samples On the SP, pads roland sp 404 manual and the bank buttons are used to play samples.

You can also roland sp 404 manual each knob to make the following settings. Also, some external devices, zp as sequencers, transmit MIDI clock only during playback. Roland SP Manual 2 pages. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Conventions Used in This Manual Operating buttons are enclosed by square brackets [ ]; e.

No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written.