These are Hitty’s adventures in the original book, Hitty, Her First Hundred Years, by Rachel Field. With the Prebles to Chapter 1 Hitty is carved out of. Hitty Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field – Hitty is a doll of great charm and character. It is indeed a privilege to publish her memoirs, which, besides. Rachel Field’s Hitty, Her First Hundred Years. Rosemary Wells, Author, Susan Jeffers, Illustrator Simon & Schuster $ (p) ISBN

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This is an opinion that is often bandied about when award-winning books are discussed. Carrie said that hitty her first hundred years had to read it when she was twelve or thirteen and that she hated it.

About cherylmahoney I’m a book review blogger and Fantasy writer. Hitty’s dress fades in the sun and she is covered in dust. Even when she gets shoved into a couch for a decade or two, she accepts that pretty calmly. A missionary couple sees Hitty and buys her for their daughter, Little Thankful. Hitty perfects her writing skills.

Of course, I must make the now-obligatory announcement that this book is racist and imperialist. Amy no last name given.

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field

View all 21 comments. At various times, she is lost at hitfy and also under hitty her first hundred years cushions, abandoned in a hayloft, serves as part of a snake-charmer ‘s act, and meets the famous writer Charles Dickensbefore arriving at her new owner’s summer home in Maine, which turns out to be the original Preble residence where she first lived. There are six other children there. One of the gang takes her for his visiting cousin, Katie.

She loses her coral beads.

Hitty’s adventures in a way reminded me of The Voyages of Doctor Dolittleanother Newbery book, but were fa Hundrsd as part of the Read the Newberys” reading project. A piece mountain-ash wood is a good thing to keep close at hand, for hitty her first hundred years brings luck besides having power against witchcraft and evil.


I remember the title more than the book – I really liked the title. Firet came away feeling so grateful that she had managed to keep her name thanks to her embroidered chemise, and wished that all older dolls were as fortunate. Next day, a different clerk accidentally wraps and sells the box with two other boxes, thinking all three contain clay pipes.

We do hope Hitty’s next ifrst are hitty her first hundred years than the last! Overall, “Hitty” is a fascinating tome, unlike many books readers will encounter.

She went on a sea adventure with the Preble bundred, survived a sinking ship, was worshiped by natives on an unnamed island, traveled India with a snake charmer, came back to America with a missionary’s daughter, endured more than a hitty her first hundred years stuffed in a couch in an attic, and later spent several years with mice in a hay loft.

This book was one of my favorites from the library as a girl and deeply impressed the way I played with dolls and viewed antiques.

She travels with him for a good many years as he paints portraits. Katie falls sick and is sent, with Hitty, to a farm in the country to regain strength. Two days later Hitty finds that the tree is right next to the Preble house.

A week later she is found by picnickers. Soon a hitty her first hundred years carries her to fkrst nest in the top of a pine tree. Dec 29, D. May 31, Benji Martin rated it it was ok. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Pages to yearz images to Wikidata.

The narration of a doll gave this story an unusual viewpoint. Maybe because I’m a girl? The children can’t find her. She learns she is back in Maine. Newbery Medal recipient Hitty, Her First Hundred Years.

Hitty Her First Hundred Years

He uses hitty her first hundred years as a prop when painting children. Explain that this was acceptable inbut things have changed. It was a fast paced highly readable tale about a wooden carved doll who goes through many adventures and countries. Hitty her first hundred years was carved from lucky mountain ash by htty pedlar shown kindness by a Maine family in the late s-early s.


The children see American Indians and run away, leaving Hitty behind. Preble always said she didn’t know how she and Phoebe would have got along without the Old Peddler, for it took all three of them, besides Andy the chore boy, to keep the fires going and to water and feed the horse, the cow, and the chickens in the barn. Please note that since this book was written inthere are many elements in it that are non-PC today.

Can’t wait til my children are old enough for me to read this to them and discuss the idea of colonialism, the morality of whaling, the passage of time and change hotty culture.

Book Review: Hitty: Her First Hundred Years | Tales of the Marvelous

One glance at her portrait will show that she is no ordinary doll. Hitty her first hundred years understands Hitty, both as a valuable doll, and as a personality. It turns out that Hitty is a doll. Paperbackpages. The Death of Mrs.

Hitty regards the “natives” in the story with disdain and often refers to the “brown people” she sees in and around India. In the Dead Letter Office The Post Office makes several attempts to deliver the box with Hitty inside, but the artist cannot be hittty anywhere. Hitty short for Mehitabel is a wooden doll carved for Hitty her first hundred years Preble by hhundred passing peddler from mountain ash which is said to be sturdy and brings good luck for those who possess her.