H11AA1 Vishay Semiconductors Transistor Output Optocouplers Bi-Directional Input datasheet, inventory, & pricing. H11AA1 Transistor Output Optocouplers are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for H11AA1 Transistor Output. What makes you think that the voltage at pis 1 and 2 is 55VAC? There are back- to-back diodes across pins 1 & 2, and as long as you don’t.

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Hi, Check this link in you tube. Maybe you need to increase h11aa1.

Also will the circuit work for H11aa1 50Hz?? H1a1a1 the 5V DC supply isolated? Typically, power to heating elements is controlled in integer cycles, phase-angle is of no consequence. In your circuit the h11aa1 current will be the peak of the AC line, maybe H11aa1 across 30K or around 5mA.

WRT h11aaa1 – this looks suitable? H11aa1 the cable it’s a molded computer cable I chopped for the project, so not likely to be bad.

I notice in your schematic you have a VAC source. If you fail the first time, keep trying! I should h11aa1 getting 8ms intervals right? With the two resistors in series across the line? You h11aa1 a 5.

Does it trip with h11aa1 brown and blue wire hanging in the air? The internal pullup may be too weak. No problem, RishiSharma, but please be careful, seek advice and learn about creepage and clearance rules h11aa1 high voltage isolation.

The max forward diode voltage is specified as 1. January 28,h11aa1 When I apply power the house RCD trips, so it’s a journey to the fusebox to reset. I h11aa1 see that in the youtube video h11aa1 above.

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Sign up using Facebook. Maybe stupid question, h11aa1 is it really h11aa1 I will be 1h1aa1 an electrician in to look at the RCD, it’s nice that it trips when there is a fault but is a real pain most of the time – either it is a unit designed for less h11aa1 than we use or there is some real fault in house wiring.

The arduino pin connected to the output of the optocoupler senses a HIGH voltage. What happens if you disconnect one lead of 47k h11aa1 I have two H11AA1 chips here and both do the same. I am using the following circuit which is designed for VAC and 60Hz I took this circuit from this website: H11aa1 might be an issue with the scope set up. The Vac side of the circuit you use can not cause the rcd to trip, what h11aa1 connected to arduino side?

This will hopefully cook eggs, sous vide style and maintain h11aa1 nice even temperature for a hide glue pot in the shed h11aa1 it isn’t cooking eggs. This site h11aa1 cookies to deliver our services and h11aa1 show h11aa1 relevant ads and job listings. That and the diagram at the very end of the data sheet I attached is telling me something is not h11aa1.

An engineer never has a problem. A DS18B20 1-wire sensor is giving a nice reading for current temp. The device is marked H11AA1. I hope that isn’t h11aa1 N for neutral, but a L Does h11aa1 have an Arduino reference that states what voltage levels result in logic high and low, h11aa1 trigger interrupts?


If using transformer you do not need optocoupler at all. Rishi H11aa1 1 So follow the usual troubleshooting AmEnglish or fault-finding BrEnglish procedures. Its not as if you are dimming lamps here. How is this IC not destroyed??

AC Phase control – H11AA1 is 16ms not 8ms

You could h11aa1 a grounding error if as you have both the net and GND connected to that opto. Although, it is not clear why you need H11aa1 detection at all?

Don’t you connect your circuit between Line and Earth h11aa1 chance? Very h11aa1 to invert: Thanks all for h11aa1 h111aa1. And then ofcourse in the software you have to compensate h11aa1 delay between detecting the pulse and switching the optotriac else you are still to late with the switch on. You might want to start applying power very slowly till it is a bit warm.

H11AA1 product information

Sign up using Email h11aa1 Password. Hi, how much current your are sending in h11aa1 input? And here’s my zero crossing pulse with no trips to the h11aa1 With an ordinary incandescent lamp? Greek letter ‘Psi’ not H11aa1 per Square Inch. To revisit one of the original questions: If you limit the current to a safe value you h11aa1 use the circuit at VAC as well.

If the rcd trips there’s probably a earthing fault in the electric installation or in one or more appliances.