The questions from this quiz might be asked in top management entrance exams such as IIFT, NMAT, MAT, SNAP, IBSAT, and CMAT etc. Take the GK quiz for. 15 Aug Read the top questions to prepare for the general knowledge section of CMAT at MBA section of 23 Dec Please use this thread to discuss/share the GK questions/latest . any1 plz send IIFT GK compendium nd question bank thnx in advance.

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Anil Kakodkar committee is related to So, while a student may be looking at the same chapter in all these exams, the way the question is framed differs from exam to exam.

Because as I said this is static Cmat gk questions 2014.

Wednesday, July 23 This section had a good mix of static and dynamic questions, with the tilt being towards static GK. In this business quiz cmat gk questions 2014 have cmst a list of 10 logos which particularly belong to beauty brands.

Generally, in this section 25 questions test the aptitude of the exam takers.

Find MBA colleges to quedtions you get there! What is the newly launched toll-free helpline number for Unique Identification Authority of India? Past Test Papers with Solutions. He is an expert with TestFunda, an cmat gk questions 2014 coaching website. The section was doable and candidates can score well in this section. CMAT aspirants could complete this section in minutes and focused more on other sections.

The MBA GK Quiz for the current week beginning from 29 April to 05 May will test your awareness on the international days, award and accolades distributed to eminent personalities in the field of sports and other important areas. Take a look at these business quiz questions and find out whether you are aware of cmat gk questions 2014 brands. Your number will cmat gk questions 2014 be shared with anyone. A few candidates while coming out of the examination hall also complained that a few questions had incorrect answer options, although it could not be confirmed by other candidates of the same centre.

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Find colleges to help you get into top companies. In the current week of logo quiz is about the logos of insurance companies. Otherwise the question types were simple and doable.

What is the name of the new book that was recently announced by Arundhati Roy? Most of the candidates preferred to take questions on General Awareness in the end. Out of maximum score ofcandidates may expect admission in top rated B school with a score in a range of to Though the questions very manageable, the quality of questions was better compared to previous CMATs. You need to spend around 15 minutes a day to it and one event will link you to another.

These topics are put forth in the form of MCQ questions along with their answers. Past other MBA Exams. The logo quiz aims to enhance the cmat gk questions 2014 recognition when you look at cmat gk questions 2014 logo. Cmat gk questions 2014 continuing to use our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. This section was more friendly to those who have kept themselves abreast with current national and international affairs. The deal clincher is often the GK section.

If a student is preparing simultaneously for other exams such as CAT or NMAT then the amount of theory preparation required is minimal. English language comprehension section had questions cmat gk questions 2014 spotting the errors in sentences, fill in the blanks based on subject verb agreement and grammar and tenses. I would suggest students to start working on the mock tests at least one month to 40 days before the exam.

How to prepare for CMAT Sep General Awareness

Read the questions on important topics to prepare for cmat gk questions 2014 general quesstions section of your targeted MBA exam through this MCQ based quiz that has four options each for every question. Aspirants questiobs advised to practice following type of questions more. The current GK quiz for the week beginning from 27 May to 02 June will test your awareness on queshions happenings that occurred on both national and international level in various sectors of the economy.


Year books, purchased by you, will also be a good help in the preparation. I provide consent for my data to be processed for the purposes cmat gk questions 2014 described and receive communications for service related information.

A well educated person is expected to have at cmat gk questions 2014 a good knowledge of national and international affairs taking place. CMAT exam day tips and strategies to crack the test.

Attempting 18 to 20 questions correctly would help the test takers fetch the cutoff. Milestones achieved in the field of Science and technology and are also covered in the quiz.

Top 100 General Knowledge Questions for CMAT 2017

This section was the toughest among the 4 sections. Rest assured you can prepare, revise and groom the General Awareness very well during this period, if you could attend and follow the below given preparation tips.

Skip to main content. Take the GK quiz for the week beginning 01 Aug to 10 Aug cmat gk questions 2014 test you general awareness bk latest happenings.

cmat gk questions 2014 By signing up for newsletters, you agree to our Privacy Policy and provide consent to receive communications related to marketing, promotions and latest updates. According to cmat gk questions 2014 test takers General Awareness section was the toughest while Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation section was the easiest. Which country has launched the first of its new generation weather satellites Fengyun-4?

CMAT on its first day was on expected pattern with a total of questions divided in 4 sections of 25 questions yk. By when Indian Railways recently set the target to achieve percent de-carbonisation with 90 percent electrification? The MBA General Awareness for 08 April to 14 April week will test the GK of the aspirants on various topics such as launch of state schemes for welfare of common man, appointments on key positions, Pulitzer prize winner etc.