The Chopper Builders Handbook came about as much by accident as by. Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by ( output. Posted on 01/05/ by Gary. As some of you might already know I’ve.

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It was unvarnished and primitive. I used to let the local girls choppsr my air-conditioner as a seat in the afternoons on Friday chopper builders handbook they waited for the greasy old fat chopper builders handbook hairy biker guys to come down to the shop.

We have never made a single part chopper builders handbook has been posted to the main site using a milling machine. Click the banner for the YouTube Channel and have fun. It just so happened however that we did get a chance to talk with Mike Fass Mikey Vils and had a chance to reminisce about Dick Allen. I hope we do so we can get to know each other over bikes, not the internet.

The first CD in the series, “Chassis Work”, contains over pages of written material and full color detailed photographs along with 32 large scale blueprints that chopper builders handbook virtually every aspect of frame fabrication. You must be logged in to chopper builders handbook a comment. I imagine that someday the Feds will try to regulate the industry and lump us into the class of stuff that the BATF regulates. He was building it for the US so had to comply with their standards, we have that many safety and angineering standards that must be met its a nightmare doing much more than simple custom handboko to any vehicle.

I had to meet with the building inspector for a certificate of occupancy. I checked it out and I like it.

Today these are very reasonably priced either the pneumatic or electric versions. I have saw bits that have probably drilled over chopper builders handbook dozen holes and they are still as sharp as when new. As hancbook worrying about it being locked down, I have downloaded every bit I could locate to a jump drive that I keep for these kind of things. Chopper builders handbook CD forms the basis of all fundamental Chopper fabrication and provides the detailed dimensions, fixtures and techniques needed to start building a good handling frame that you can easily customize to suit your specific design objectives.


The Chopper Builders Handbook

The Chopper Builders Handbook CD’s have now become almost the defacto standard for independent builders who intend on building custom Frames, Springers, Leafers or Girder forks. I have a nuilders slabside sat in a corner waiting for the same treatment. Sorry for the poor picture but this was all I had. These frames represent the accumulated artistic expression of them all and chopper builders handbook design has its roots in the classic Choppers of the sixties and seventies.

The time now is It’s good mood music for the upcoming move back to my old stomping grounds in Nevada.

For certain specialized work it can be set up with a divider plate and run two dies at the same time so bends are guaranteed to be chopper builders handbook in two separate components.

Twenty Ten Dark by Seismic Themes. Many handboook us sincerely believe chopper builders handbook building bikes is indeed an act of creation and each and every cycle we build contains part of our personal creative expression that goes beyond just an artistic endeavor and verges on a spiritual undertaking.

Gary | Chopper Builders Handbook

I can see chopper builders handbook benefit, just not to me. The holes you need to bore have to be the same as the size of saw bits that are commercially available and the accuracy of the resulting holes have to be in the range of somewhere around. These are what we used chopper builders handbook call ‘long-distance’ frames back in the old days. Earlier this yr their site disappeared, I’ve tried to find it many times since with no luck, until tonight.

Send a private message to kindyr. Chopper builders handbook work was aimed at the individuals who had an interest in chopper builders handbook making a personalized Chopper. Send a private message to B. You will most likely not be happy chopper builders handbook the CD at this point and time in your new found hobby. In order to make things simpler I just created web pages and then referred posters back to those pages. Chopper Builders Handbook This is a small bike site dedicated to independent Chopper builders.


Set up a booth at Cycle Daze in Grand Prairie and even though the weather turned bitter cold and very windy it was a lot of fun. Originally Posted by kindyr I don’t know that am going to swing that, trying to do fact finding.

CBH Girder Under Construction Scott Pennebaker’s Build Almost Finished The basic CBH Girder is a well proven design that will provide the correct geometry for a wide chopper builders handbook of bikes and instructions are included showing how to adjust the fork for various rake and trail settings.

Ness Style Springer Build:: In addition I’d like to thank all of the visitors who have supported this site through thick and thin over the past eight years and especially thank those of chopperr have taken the time to chopper builders handbook us in this rebuilding process. As a chopper builders handbook the system crashed and of course my backups were spotty to say the least.

What you saw is what handboko got. Proudly powered by WordPress. What is a Chopper:: The Chopper Builders Handbook came about as much by accident as by design.

Homemade tools built by Chopper Builder’s Handbook on (1)

This ‘crash’ destroyed not only the primary data on the main server and raid disks but also all chopper builders handbook the data on our backup server. Note that all CD files are now delivered via direct Digital Downloads so no waiting for the mail!

Shox DrDec 20, Time is of the essence. How Cohpper Afford A Chopper::