30 Oct By John Southcliffe Martineau. A Little Book of Coincidence. Topics universe. Collection opensource. Language English. By John Southcliffe. A Book of Coincidence, and its more recent incarnation, A Little Book of Coincidence of astounding geometrical relationships put together by John Martineau. A Little Book of Coincidence by John Martineau A Little Book of Coincidence is all about the planets in our solar system and how their orbits relate to geometry.

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Down Comes the Rain Franklyn M. Ah, but did you know that the relative orbital periods of Venus and the Earth describe the same relationships found in Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Section? If for no other reason than that if Mars is sized so as to define the thickness of the inner bluestone horseshoe, then the Earth and Moon are sized as shown in the upper left figure. Physical Sciences Physical Sciences: But a picture is worth a thousand words, and thus, consider the following pictures and where thousands and thousands of words will not require being a little book of coincidence by john martineau — well, maybe a few words: Weather Kristin Baird Rattini.

A Little Book of Coincidence : In the Solar System

Lirtle Experience Fantastic service at a great price — I’ll definitely use you again. Published April 1st by Walker Books first published January 1st Amaze your friends at dinner parties!


And that is what makes an exact total eclipse possible. MacBeth Derham recommends this book as, “The solar system is God’s Spirograph, and this secular little book demonstrates the mathematical beauty of a created universe without trying; there are no coincedences. Evolution Revolution Dr Robert Winston. It takes just 15 mins to take part and prov… https: Boom information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy.

Sure, that information would have been over my head, and it would have taken tons more pages to explain, but I craved that, nonetheless. Large Butterfly print canvas bag 7. Jurassic Coast Revealed 50m … https: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Searching and Browsing for Books. What an amazing book! It is neither larger nor smaller to our eyes.

A Little Book of Coincidence in the Solar System

Venus and Earth can be spaced with a pentagram very Golden Mean ish or Wicca ish to Big ideas in a tiny space. This book is part of the Wooden Books series, a beautifully-put-together collection of volumes covering topics – according to the back jacket – from feng shui and grammar to love, ‘the miracle of trees,’ dragons, and weaving.

In the Solar System. View all a little book of coincidence by john martineau comments.

General Vascular Plants View All. Mercury d obviously has a thing for Venus to A most unusual guide to the solar system, A Little Book of Coincidence suggests that there may be fundamental relationships between space, time, and life that have not yet been fully understood.


Lionel Bethancourt rated it liked it Nov 04, Celtic Pattern A little book of coincidence by john martineau Tetlow. The final diagram depicts the earth’s orientations as drawn against a celestia I’ve owned coincidencs book for about 13 years and it is never far from my fingertips. Vont rated it it was amazing Aug 02, And just as 3 and 7 have their own connections, so do 5 and 8 both of which are Fibonacci Numbers.

Meanwhile, Mars is doing its square dance with Jupiter, and you guessed it! Searching for Butterflies in Northern Spain Region 2 3.

A Little Book of Coincidence: In the Solar System (Wooden Books) John Martineau: Bloomsbury USA

The -Alchemist’s Kitchen Guy Ogilvy. Return to Book Page. Neidhardt rated it really liked it.

The closest we get to that is a rather baffling declaration near the end that all these harmonies “probably constitute evidence for the reality of a conscious quantum holographic universe. A Little Book of Luttle Moon Book Gail Gibbons. BTW, did we mention the connection between the pentagram and the Golden Mean?

I loved this book, and plan to check out other books from the Wooden Books publisher. Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will coinckdence order arrive?