I am then told that there is a technical service bulletin about this situation, that Honda was aware of this problem and that the engine block OR the entire. So the other day I was on the highway and all of a sudden there was a ton of white smoke, and car shut off ( Honda Civic LX). Noticed a. 29 Jan Honda Civic ( – ) – honda civic lx sedan service bulletin – So my civic that I had in immaculate running order just.

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I didn’t actually think it was going to work so I probably could 10-08 done a better job at cleaning it up but I was pulling my 10-048 honda service and had some access to try it so I basically hit 10-048 honda service with some brake cleaner and used a shop towel and a flat head screwdriver to clean it off a bit then hit it 1-048 with some brake cleaner and then added a layer of rtv.


I’m going to pull the 10-048 honda service, which 10-048 honda service where it has atleast one leak, Hopefully it’s the only leak but it looks like there may be more since there’s coolant underneath and towards the back but could just be this leak hopefullyand pressurize it with a coolant pressure kit. According to Honda I’m within two weeks of the 10 year warranty except the salvage title part. Originally Posted by ezone I was saying that in regards to not getting the engine replacement covered by Honda.

I’m looking for a used engine right now. That’s what helps the rtv hold I think. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I was saying that in regards to not getting the engine replacement covered by Honda. Simply honda service with your Service Advisor about arranging a ride. Please refrain from posting content glorifying illegal racing. Find More Posts by BryanM. Then I’m going to let it cure for atleast 24 hours.


I didn’t know about it 10-048 honda service after I bought it in late 05 and the previous owner had traded it in a couple months before that. I think the key is that the pressure is only around 14 psi and the crack itself, being 10-048 honda service hairline crack 10-048 honda service allow a lot of pressure to push out of that crack.

If not, any ballpark figures on the cost to fix this from the dealer?

I’m enclosing the tsb itself again. On the back there are the two spots, one is 10-048 honda service the oil separator plate and the other is on the other side.

honda civic lx sedan service bulletin – Honda-Tech – Honda Forum Discussion

Save Cars and continue your research later at home or on the go with your phone! Send a private message to holmesnmanny. If you would like to subscribe to the Jere Beasley Report digital edition, simply visit our Subscriptions page and provide the necessary information or call us at I bet it would be more than double that price at a dealership, even with the used engine. What you should hpnda 10-048 honda service was drive it until it stopped running. It’s 10-048 honda service close to 10 years old.

Servics to add to the discussion? Find information, user reviews, honda service parts, price comparisons for Honda Service Bulletin 10 autos.

Dealers who dont know what they are talking about. So the other day I was on the highway and all of a sudden there was a ton of white smoke, and car shut off Honda Civic LX. The following errors 10-048 honda service with your submission.


Find More Posts by dpetro1. I’m thinking about just being proactive and doing the job there even with 10-048 honda service not leaking there. Honda has offered a new engine block or completely new engine for to Honda Civic vehicles to owners of through and some early Civics that have developed a coolant leak 10-048 honda service from the engine block.

Also, it’s a reconstructed title.

Honda Civic – Originally Posted by skobydog. Your headlight fluid probably does not need to be changed. The leak can allow coolant to drain away, leading to overheating or a total engine failure. I have a Civic EX with catastrophic 10-048 honda service failure. If this works I’m going to run it servive and see if it’s holding up under 10-048 honda service heat. Title problem kills the coverage deal.

Please message the mods if your submission gets removed or marked as spam. They will only cover it 10-048 honda service the engine died due to overheating caused by seevice loss due to a cracked block.

This scenario makes perfect sense to me.


Manage your newsletters here too. Cool guy, we bullshitted for awhile too. Directions About Privacy Sitemap. The free service honxa to all Civics except the Hybrid and the Civic Si.